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I’m a writer and filmmaker based in New York. I grew up in Wyncote, a town just outside Philadelphia. Watching early morning Looney Tunes reruns on TV while eating breakfast and repeatedly watching Tim Burton’s Batman sparked my interest in film at a young age. By age 6, I was writing letters to Warner Bros. Studios expressing my interest in becoming an animator for Looney Tunes.

I graduated from Penn State University with degrees in English, Spanish and International Studies. I am based in New York City, after working in the production world in the Denver area for 2 years. Before entering the world of film and TV production, I spent two years in Spain teaching English in public schools in Spain. I’m passionate about expressing my love of language and travel through cinematic storytelling.

A short list of favorite films include: Raiders of the Lost Ark, Amarcord, Sunset Boulevard, The Treasure of the Sierra Madre, and Ed Wood.

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